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Club For Lucid Dreamers
United States
Current Residence: La La Land
Skin of choice: any we want


Mon Dec 5, 2005, 8:46 AM

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:bulletpurple: Welcome To Lucid-Dreamers :bulletpurple:

Lucid dreaming means dreaming while knowing that you are dreaming it is an extraordinarily vivid form of mental imagery, so realistic that the trick is to realize it is a mental construct. Lucid dreams hold endless possibilities. This club is dedicated to showing you what our subconscious minds hold. Fantacys, Nightmares, Surrealistic, Cartoons, Super Heros, and Impressionistic, are just a few things you might find here. What do your lucid dreams hold?

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To join is quite simple, just send a note to the club with the subject Join, then devwatch the club and add Lucid-Dreamers( type :dev*lucid-dreamers: with out the * ) or :iconlucid-dreamers: ( type :icon*lucid-dreamers: with out the * )to your journal and/or signature. ( icon will not work in signatures) Then you will be asked to submit your bio information, you will appear in the "other members" section and will not be on the front page until this is done. If you would like more info on the bios please see This Journal Entry or you can read the other members bios for ideas

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o submit work to the club send a note to the club with the subject submit make sure you include the title, catogory, any key words you would like, and permission for me to submit it :D.. Please do not send more than 2 in one note and/or within the same day ...... i will provide a link back to the original work in the discriptions along with a icon link to your main page.

( All work submitted remains soul property of the original owner, and falls under your copyright law.)

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For information on Lucid Dreaming you can visit our FAQ section provided by a110100. If there is anything else you would like to ask about Lucid Dreaming and you can not find it on our FAQ page, please fell free to ask and a110100 will answer questions as soon as he can.

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:bulletpurple: The Winners Our :bulletpurple:

:bulletpurple: 1st Place :bulletpurple:
:iconlryiu:  ~*~ Silent Scream by lryiu by Lucid-Dreamers
~*~ lryiu    'Silent Scream' ~*~

:bulletpurple: 2nd Place :bulletpurple:
:iconinvayne666:  ~*~ Pain Prison by invayne666 by Lucid-Dreamers
~*~ invayne666    'Pain Prison'  ~*~

:bulletpurple: 3rd Place :bulletpurple:
:iconsotoxic:  ~*~ ... devour me by sotoxic by Lucid-Dreamers
~*~ sotoxic   'the world will devour me'  ~*~

thank you to all that entered. We really had a great turn out for this contest. i hope that the next one goes the same way.

:bulletpurple: New contest :bulletpurple:

This months contest is 'Yule Tide Wishes'. You can check out the contest page for details. Please make an effort to enter.

:bulletpurple: Mez's Gets Personal :bulletpurple:

Well as some of you may or may not know, I have a lot going on in my life rigth now. I just moved again, started and new job, and am living with my mom. I do not have internet connection to my PC only my mom's, and well her's sucks, i am not able to do every thing i would like to be able to do with the club right now. But hopefully soon i can get it all figured out. Right now my biggest fear is that i might have to end up closing the club once i move again in to my own house. It might be 1-2 months before i can get internet connection. I really would hate to close the club. Any way blah blah blah ..... I guess what i am trying to say is that i am going to need some admins, someone that can help me now, and then run the club in my absents. If you think you can help in any way please let me know.

much love
:frail: mez :frail:

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New Contests going on every month. This months Contest is  'Yule Tide Wishes'.
Please visit our main Contest page for information on current Contests, up coming Contests, prize lists, rules, and to see the entries so far.  

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:bulletpurple: Lucid-Dreamers Would like you to meet invayne666 :bulletpurple:


Real Name: Heather
Age: Sixteen
Location: Canada
Art Style: Dark....(except for the odd cat in my gallery )

Most of my inspiration comes from what I'm feeling at the moment. Sometimes its from random revelations I get during the night.

Music. Art. Vodka. Cheesy horror movies. Posters. Spraypaint. Tylenol. Piercings. Sleeping in. Orange. Reading.

Mean people. Headaches. Shallow people. People who cram their opinions in your throat. Techno. Nickelback. Nickelback. Nickelback.

-Random Blurbs
> I have two piercings: An industrial…, and a nosering.
> I always use a straw when drinking milk. Always.
> I have an orange, pudgy cat I call Moo.
> I have a Canon PowerShot SD300: Digital Elph. I love it.
> A lot of my art is done when I have a headache.
> I'm excited that TV is finally showing reruns of the X-Files.

:bulletpurple: Gallery of work submitted to Lucid-Dreamers :bulletpurple:

 .....The Valves by invayne666 by Lucid-Dreamers .....Flood Gates by invayne666 by Lucid-Dreamers Surrounded .... by invayne666 by Lucid-Dreamers Inner Darkness by invayne666 by Lucid-Dreamers Art Of Coping by invayne666
The Art Of Coping
Laying awake in this warm bed of mine
While everyone sleeps, my light it still shines
I open my drawer to get my art supplies
I cover my mouth, to muffle my cries
My leg is my canvas
My blood is my paint
My razor's my brush
My inspiration is hate
With little hesitation, I pull out my brush
and with the first stroke my leg starts to gush
Dripping off the canvas, my paint hits the sheets
I dab it with tissues as my canvas still bleeds
Sooner or later I'll have to retire
As my family and friends will begin to inquire.
But until then, I will hold my blade high
and if I am questioned I simply will lie
No person, no place can keep me from this art
Cause this is how I mend my own damaged heart.
Orange Sky by invayne666 by Lucid-Dreamers Monsteradicate by invayne666
finger down my throat to
rid me of
whats built up
a jagged finger
fucking my tonsils
to deride the creature thats
pent up in it its
habitat of my stomach
I cannot
this ingrown virus
thats cannibalizing
my substance
grinding its nails and ivory
against my linings
it desecrates
my every sense
filtering all
that enters and
directing every process towards
this pit
this bridge is falling down
soon trapped in
my labyrinth
these walls don't
these walls
they won't end
can you believe
that these walls
won't ever
Pain Prison by invayne666 by Lucid-Dreamers

:bulletpurple: Mini Gallery :bulletpurple:

:bulletpurple: Your Founder and Admin :bulletpurple:

Bio For Mez

:bulletpurple: Comment Admins :bulletpurple:

Bio For DistortedSmile

Bio For BedTimeMilk

Bio For GwynBlaidd

Bio For Killerfairy

:bulletpurple: Story Comment Admins :bulletpurple:

Bio For Kay-d

( If you would like to be a comment admin please contact me for details)


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